Molly Harris

Vice President 
Fast Facts 
Chapter: Caesar Rodney 
Advisors: Stephen Cook, Lauren Ruskey, and Amanda Strouse 
Quote:"Working hard is important. But there is somthing that matters even more: Believeing in Yourself"- Harry Potter (via JK Rowling) 
Favorite CDE: Horse Evaluation 
College: Delaware State University 
Major: Agriculture Education 
Favorite Color: Hunter Green 
Favorite Animal: Horses 
Hobbies: I have grown up riding horses and showing on the local Hunter/jumper circuit as well as playing soccer and field hockey for clubs and school. Once in high school I joined my FFA chapter and started showing market lambs/goats and recently have had the opportunity to show cows! 
How did you first learn about the FFA? I learned about FFA when I took animal science 1 and we did our FFA unit and my advisor talked about all the opportunities and events that we could partake in as a member, I knew then that this was the organization for me! What has been your most challenging FFA experience? Memorizing my line for opening ceremony my sophomore year when I was my chapters historian…I always was afraid I would forget my line! 
What are you most looking forward to during your year as a State Officer? What I'm most looking forward to in my year as a state officer is being able to travel the state and visit all the chapters and get to know the members as well as attend different chapter events!

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President: Ally Wheatley
Vice President: Molly Harris
Secretary: Taylor Nuneviller
Treasurer: Josh Bethard
Reporter: Vacant
Sentinel: Zach Bullis